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Individual Ticket

Start: Thu Nov 2nd 12:00am

End: Thu Nov 30th 5:00pm

Pair of Tickets

Purchase a pair of tickets for a discounted price!

Silver Ticket

Includes 10 raffle tickets, a StreetSquash t-shirt, and silver-level recognition in Soiree program

Gold Ticket

Includes 20 raffle tickets, a StreetSquash gift bag (StreetSquash tote, hat and tie), and gold-level recognition in Soiree program.

Platinum Ticket

25 raffle tickets, a coveted StreetSquash Patagonia fleece, and platinum-level recognition in Soiree program.

Diamond Ticket

Includes a pair of tickets to the event, 50 Raffle Tickets, StreetSquash Patagonia & gift bag, Logo placement on ticket page and at event, and diamond-level recognition in Soiree program.

Special Add-ons

Raffle tickets

Purchase a bundle of 5 raffle tickets for only $20!

5 Raffle ticket

Bundle of raffle tickets, 5 tickets for just $20